Triton & West’s fixed income team is comprised of financial professionals who have years of expertise specializing in a number of different sectors of the fixed income markets. Our fixed income specialists have direct links to the trading team, and as a client of Triton & West, you will be able to utilize their wealth of experience to assist you with creating a unique strategy for your portfolio, such as bond laddering or diversification. The main focus of a fixed income strategy is for the more risk-averse investor; fixed income strategies are a steady enhancement to a portfolio as they provide a steady residual income with limited exposure to the markets. A Triton & West broker will work with you closely to design and maintain a portfolio that is in line with your financial goals and is tailored to your risk tolerance. Combining the knowledge our advisors have with the timely information our researchers bring them gives us a huge advantage in the markets, and using this information in your portfolio is sure to bring you the success you are looking for.